10-Day Itinerary in Bolivia

10-Day Itinerary in Bolivia

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable Bolivian adventure? Discover the best travel plan Bolivia has to offer with this ultimate 10-day itinerary. From stunning landscapes to vibrant cities, Bolivia has something to captivate every traveler.

On this journey, you will explore top places to visit in Bolivia in 10 days, including the mesmerizing Lake Titicaca, the world’s highest navigable lake. Take in the breathtaking scenery and learn about the rich cultural heritage of Lake Titicaca, the birthplace of the Inca Empire according to Andean belief.

Continue your adventure in La Paz, the world’s highest capital city. Experience the thrill of a cable car tour, enjoy the vibrant atmosphere, and witness the unique Cholita wrestling. Discover the historic city of Sucre, known as the White City, with its mesmerizing colonial architecture and a trip to the Cal Orcko Parque Cretacico, where you can see dinosaur footprints.

Explore the charming town of Tupiza, surrounded by breathtaking red rock formations and cactus plants. Immerse yourself in the stunning landscapes on a self-guided hike through the Canon del Duende, Valle de Los Machos, and Puerta del Diablo, or opt for a horseback riding tour.

The highlight of your itinerary is the visit to Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. Experience the mesmerizing beauty of this natural wonder as you journey through the salt flats, encounter colorful lagoons, and spot flamingos in the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve. Spend your last night in a hotel made entirely of salt for a truly unique experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the top places to visit in Bolivia in 10 days.
  • Experience the beauty of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world.
  • Discover the vibrant city of La Paz, with its cable car tour and Cholita wrestling.
  • Immerse yourself in the colonial charm of Sucre and visit the Cal Orcko Parque Cretacico to see dinosaur footprints.
  • Uncover the stunning landscapes of Tupiza’s red rock formations and take a self-guided hike or horseback riding tour.
  • Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat.
  • Witness the diverse wildlife and flamingos in the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve.
  • Experience a unique stay in a hotel made entirely of salt.

Explore Lake Titicaca

Start your 10-day journey in Bolivia by visiting Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. Located in the Bolivian Altiplano, Lake Titicaca is a natural wonder that offers breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural experiences.

Begin your exploration in the picturesque town of Copacabana, situated on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Marvel at the pristine blue waters stretching as far as the eye can see and the stunning backdrop of the surrounding mountains.

While in Copacabana, take a leisurely stroll along the waterfront, visit local markets for handicrafts and souvenirs, and indulge in delicious Bolivian cuisine. Don’t miss the opportunity to try a traditional dish such as fried trout, a local specialty.

From Copacabana, embark on a boat trip to Isla del Sol, also known as the Island of the Sun. This idyllic island is steeped in history and boasts breathtaking views of the lake. Take a hike to the Inca ruins and witness the remnants of ancient civilizations while enjoying the serene beauty of the surroundings.

Top Attractions on Lake Titicaca

Attraction Description
Copacabana A charming lakeside town with stunning views and a rich history.
Isla del Sol A picturesque island known for its Inca ruins and breathtaking scenery.
Uros Floating Islands A unique community of islands made entirely of reeds, home to the Uros people.
Taquile Island A UNESCO-listed island known for its traditional Quechua culture and textile art.

As you explore Lake Titicaca, immerse yourself in the local culture and traditions. Interact with the friendly locals, learn about their way of life, and be mesmerized by their colorful costumes and vibrant festivals.

With its breathtaking landscapes and cultural heritage, Lake Titicaca offers a truly unforgettable experience. Whether you’re a nature enthusiast, history buff, or simply seeking a peaceful escape, Lake Titicaca and its surrounding areas are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Discover La Paz

Next, head to La Paz, the world’s highest capital city. Spend two days exploring this vibrant and bustling city, known for its breathtaking views and rich cultural experiences.

Take a cable car tour to get panoramic views of the city and its stunning surroundings. La Paz is nestled among towering mountains, offering a unique perspective from the sky. Marvel at the cascading rooftops and majestic peaks as you glide through the air.

Immerse yourself in the local culture by experiencing the thrilling Cholita wrestling. This unique form of wrestling features indigenous women dressed in traditional attire, showcasing their strength and agility in the ring.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore the vibrant markets of La Paz. Meander through the colorful stalls, filled with handicrafts, textiles, and local produce. Indulge in the flavors of Bolivia as you try street food delicacies like salteñas and anticuchos.

For a deeper dive into Bolivia’s history, take a day trip to the nearby Tiwanaku ruins. This archaeological site is an ancient city that was once the capital of a powerful pre-Columbian civilization. Explore the impressive stone structures and learn about the fascinating history of the Andean cultures that thrived in the region.

La Paz offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and historical sites. Get ready to be captivated by the charm and energy of this incredible city.

Explore Sucre

Continue your journey to Sucre, the capital of Bolivia. Known as the White City due to its whitewashed colonial buildings, Sucre offers a peaceful and charming atmosphere. Spend two days exploring the historic city center, admiring the beautiful architecture, and relaxing in its courtyards. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also take a trip to Cal Orcko Parque Cretacico, where you can see hundreds of dinosaur footprints.

Sucre: The White City

Sucre, also known as the White City, is a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for its colonial architecture and rich history. As you stroll through the cobblestone streets, you’ll be captivated by the well-preserved buildings that showcase the city’s colonial past. The picturesque plazas, ornate churches, and elegant mansions transport you back in time.

Cal Orcko Parque Cretacico: A Journey to the Prehistoric Era

For a unique adventure, pay a visit to Cal Orcko Parque Cretacico, located just a short distance from Sucre. This sprawling dinosaur park is home to one of the world’s largest collections of dinosaur footprints. Immerse yourself in the prehistoric era as you witness the impressive imprints left by various dinosaur species that roamed this region millions of years ago.

Must-Visit Attractions in Sucre

Attraction Description
Plaza 25 de Mayo A historic square surrounded by impressive colonial buildings. Visit the Sucre Cathedral and the Casa de la Libertad.
Sucre Metropolitan Cathedral A stunning cathedral with intricate architecture and breathtaking interior.
Sucre Central Market An ideal place to sample local cuisine, buy souvenirs, and experience the local culture.
Convento de San Felipe Neri A beautiful convent that offers panoramic views of Sucre. Explore the artwork and learn about the city’s history.
Sucre House of Freedom A museum dedicated to Bolivia’s struggle for independence. Discover the country’s fascinating history.

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Sucre’s colonial architecture, explore its rich cultural heritage, and embark on an adventure to Cal Orcko Parque Cretacico. Sucre promises an unforgettable experience that will leave you with cherished memories of your Bolivia journey.

Discover Tupiza

Head to Tupiza, a small town in southern Bolivia that is gaining attention for its stunning scenery. Nestled amidst red rock formations and surrounded by expansive landscapes, Tupiza offers a picturesque setting straight out of a western movie. As you explore this charming town, you’ll be captivated by its unique natural beauty and inviting atmosphere.

Immerse yourself in Tupiza’s rugged landscapes by embarking on a horseback riding tour. Ride through the majestic red rock formations, marvel at the towering cacti, and soak in the breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys. Guided by experienced local riders, these tours allow you to connect with nature and experience the true essence of Tupiza.

If you prefer to explore on foot, venture into the enchanting Canon del Duende, a scenic canyon renowned for its red cliffs and winding trails. Take a self-guided hike through this mesmerizing landscape, discovering hidden gems like Valle de Los Machos and Puerta del Diablo along the way. Each step offers a new perspective on Tupiza’s natural wonders.

Horseback Riding Tour Options

Tour Name Duration Highlights
Valle de Los Machos Exploration 4 hours Scenic valleys, red rock formations, panoramic views
Puerta del Diablo Adventure 6 hours Canyon trails, dramatic cliffs, natural arches
Mirador de Las Estrellas Sunset Ride 3 hours Breathtaking sunsets, stargazing opportunities

Whichever way you choose to explore Tupiza, you’ll be rewarded with awe-inspiring vistas and a sense of tranquility. The red rock formations, rich in color and texture, create a backdrop that is both striking and captivating. Whether you’re an avid adventurer or simply seeking a peaceful escape, Tupiza promises an unforgettable experience.

Experience Salar de Uyuni

The highlight of your 10-day itinerary is the visit to Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flat. Embark on a three-day jeep tour that will take you across the mesmerizing landscapes, including the salt flats, colorful lagoons, and high volcanoes. Spot flamingos in the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve and visit the unique Train Cemetery. Spend your last night in a hotel made of salt for a truly unique experience.

Exploring the Salt Flats

When you step onto the vast expanse of Salar de Uyuni, you’ll feel like you’ve entered another world. The endless white salt flats stretch as far as the eye can see, creating a surreal and ethereal landscape. Capture stunning photos as you play with perspective, creating optical illusions and unique perspectives.

Discover the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve

As you continue your journey across Salar de Uyuni, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve. This protected area is home to diverse wildlife, including the iconic pink flamingos. Marvel at the sight of these elegant birds wading in the shallow lakes amidst the rugged terrain.

Visit the Train Cemetery

Within the Salar de Uyuni region, you’ll find the hauntingly beautiful Train Cemetery. This collection of abandoned trains and locomotives is a testament to Bolivia’s industrial past. Wander through the rusted remains and imagine the stories they hold, offering a glimpse into the country’s rich history.

An Unforgettable Experience

To end your Salar de Uyuni adventure on a memorable note, spend a night in a hotel made entirely of salt. Experience the unique ambiance and marvel at the craftsmanship that goes into creating these salt structures. From salt walls to salt furniture, it’s an extraordinary experience that truly encapsulates the magic of the salt flats.

Optional Additions to Your Itinerary

While our 10-day itinerary covers some of the best of what Bolivia has to offer, there are other destinations you can consider adding to your travel plans if you have more time. These optional additions will allow you to explore even more of the country’s diverse landscapes and cultural attractions. Whether you’re interested in history, adventure, or natural beauty, Bolivia has something for everyone.


If you’re fascinated by Bolivia’s rich mining history, a visit to the mining city of Potosi is a must. Located at the base of Cerro Rico, the city played a significant role in the colonial era as one of the largest silver mines in the world. Explore the Cerro Rico mines and learn about the grueling conditions faced by miners. You can also visit the Casa Nacional de la Moneda, a mint that produced coins during Spanish colonial rule.

Huayna Potosi

For those seeking an adrenaline rush, consider climbing Huayna Potosi. This majestic mountain, located just north of La Paz, offers a challenging yet rewarding climbing experience. At an elevation of over 6,000 meters, Huayna Potosi provides breathtaking views of the surrounding Andean peaks. A guided expedition is recommended, as climbers should have prior mountaineering experience and be properly acclimatized.

Santa Cruz

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, head to Santa Cruz, Bolivia’s largest city and economic hub. With its tropical climate and vibrant atmosphere, Santa Cruz offers a different experience compared to the high-altitude cities in Bolivia. Explore the city’s bustling markets, enjoy delicious local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the cultural blend of indigenous and European influences.

Torotoro National Park

For nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts, a visit to Torotoro National Park is a must. Located in the Potosi Department, this national park boasts stunning landscapes and unique geological formations. Explore the deep canyons, hike through lush valleys, and marvel at the vibrant rock formations. You can also visit the Umajalanta Cavern, a fascinating underground cave system known for its intricate limestone formations.

Additional Options

These are just a few examples of the many destinations you can consider adding to your itinerary. Depending on your interests and the amount of time you have, there are countless other places to explore in Bolivia. From the Amazon rainforest to the wine region of Tarija, Bolivia offers a diverse range of experiences for every traveler.

Destination Main Attractions
Potosi Cerro Rico mines, Casa Nacional de la Moneda
Huayna Potosi Mountain climbing, stunning views
Santa Cruz Bustling markets, local cuisine, cultural fusion
Torotoro National Park Canyons, lush valleys, Umajalanta Cavern

Transportation in Bolivia

Getting around Bolivia during your 10-day itinerary is primarily done by public transport. While buses in Bolivia may not offer the same level of comfort as in other South American countries, they are still a reliable and affordable option for traveling between cities. Here are some tips to help you navigate the transportation system in Bolivia:

1. Plan your trips in advance

To ensure a smooth travel experience, it’s important to plan your trips in advance. Research the bus schedules and routes to determine the best options for your itinerary. Consider the distances and travel times between destinations to optimize your time in Bolivia.

2. Be prepared for long overnight journeys

Due to the vast size of the country, traveling between cities in Bolivia often involves long overnight bus journeys. Make sure to pack essential items such as a comfortable pillow, blanket, and earplugs to ensure a more restful journey. Dress in layers to accommodate fluctuating temperatures during the trip.

3. Check bus schedules and prices

Before your trip, check the bus schedules and prices to avoid any last-minute surprises. Some bus companies offer online booking options, which can save you time and ensure a seat on busy routes. Be aware that prices may vary depending on the type of bus and the level of comfort provided.

4. Choose reputable bus companies

Opt for reputable bus companies that have a good track record of safety and reliability. Look for reviews and recommendations from fellow travelers or consult with local tour operators for the best options. Popular bus companies in Bolivia include Trans Copacabana, Todo Turismo, and Trans Salvador.

5. Consider alternative modes of transportation

While buses are the most common mode of transportation in Bolivia, there are alternative options available for certain routes. For example, you can take a train from Oruro to Uyuni to experience stunning scenery along the way. Domestic flights are also available for longer distances or if you have limited time.

Remember to always check the latest travel advisories and follow any safety precautions recommended by local authorities. Despite the occasional challenges, traveling by bus in Bolivia allows you to immerse yourself in the local culture and witness the diverse landscapes this beautiful country has to offer.

Bus Company Website Popular Routes
Trans Copacabana transcopacabana.com.bo La Paz to Copacabana, La Paz to Puno (Peru)
Todo Turismo todoturismo.bo La Paz to Uyuni, Uyuni to Sucre
Trans Salvador transsalvador.com Sucre to Potosi, Sucre to Santa Cruz

Highlights of Bolivia

This itinerary focuses on the highlights of Bolivia, taking you to Sucre, the Uyuni Salt Flats, Siloli Desert, and Lake Titicaca. Explore the colonial gem of Sucre, visit the otherworldly landscapes of the Uyuni Salt Flats, and learn about the indigenous culture on Lake Titicaca. This itinerary offers a mix of cultural experiences and outdoor adventures, providing a well-rounded introduction to Bolivia.

Sucre: The Colonial Gem

Start your journey in Sucre, the constitutional capital of Bolivia. Known for its well-preserved colonial architecture, this charming city offers a glimpse into Bolivia’s rich history. Explore the narrow streets lined with whitewashed buildings and visit museums like Casa de la Libertad, where Bolivia’s declaration of independence was signed. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in traditional Bolivian cuisine in Sucre’s vibrant food scene.

Uyuni Salt Flats: Otherworldly Landscapes

Experience the otherworldly beauty of the Uyuni Salt Flats, the largest salt flat in the world. Marvel at the vast expanse of shimmering salt and capture incredible photographs amidst the surreal landscape. Visit the remote Incahuasi Island, adorned with towering cacti and offering panoramic views of the salt flats. Witness the breathtaking sunset and stargaze in this magical setting.

Siloli Desert: A Desert Wonderland

Embark on a journey to the Siloli Desert, a remote and dramatic desert landscape. Explore unique rock formations such as the famous Arbol de Piedra (Stone Tree) and witness the vibrant colors of the Red Lagoon (Laguna Colorada). Keep an eye out for the exotic wildlife that inhabits this stunning desert region, including flamingos and vicuñas.

Lake Titicaca: Cultural Immersion

Immerse yourself in the indigenous culture of Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. Visit the floating reed islands of the Uros people and learn about their traditional way of life. Explore Isla del Sol, believed to be the birthplace of the Inca Empire, and hike along ancient Inca paths to discover archaeological sites and breathtaking views of the lake.

Highlights Description
Sucre Colonial gem with well-preserved architecture and rich history.
Uyuni Salt Flats World’s largest salt flat offering surreal landscapes and unique photo opportunities.
Siloli Desert Dramatic desert landscape with stunning rock formations and vibrant lagoons.
Lake Titicaca High-altitude lake brimming with indigenous culture and archaeological sites.

Explore Bolivia’s Landscapes

This itinerary is perfect for nature lovers who want to experience the stunning landscapes that Bolivia has to offer. Embark on a journey that will take you to Torotoro National Park, the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, and the magnificent Umajalanta Cavern. Prepare to be amazed by the natural wonders that await you.

1. Torotoro National Park

Begin your adventure in Torotoro National Park, a hidden gem tucked away in Bolivia’s rugged central valleys. This park is known for its impressive canyons, ancient dinosaur footprints, and fascinating rock formations. Explore the breathtaking landscapes as you hike through the Quebrada de Torotoro, marvel at the Torotoro Canyon, and discover the natural bridge of Puente Arcoiris.

2. Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve

Next, visit the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, located in the southwest region of Bolivia. This reserve is a haven for wildlife enthusiasts and offers spectacular views of snow-capped mountains, colorful lagoons, and geothermal fields. Keep an eye out for graceful flamingos, vicuñas, and other unique Andean fauna as you explore this pristine natural wonder.

3. Umajalanta Cavern

End your journey with a visit to the magnificent Umajalanta Cavern, one of the largest caves in Bolivia. Descend into the depths of this underground marvel and witness its impressive stalactites and stalagmites. Explore the awe-inspiring chambers and learn about the geological history of the area. This unique experience is sure to leave you in awe of Bolivia’s natural wonders.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Bolivia’s landscapes as you hike through canyons, explore unique rock formations, and discover hidden gems. Don’t forget to capture the breathtaking scenery and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Destination Highlights
Torotoro National Park Impressive canyons, ancient dinosaur footprints, natural bridge of Puente Arcoiris
Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve Snow-capped mountains, colorful lagoons, geothermal fields, wildlife spotting
Umajalanta Cavern One of Bolivia’s largest caves, impressive stalactites and stalagmites

Andes & Amazon Adventure

Embark on an unforgettable adventure through Bolivia by exploring the majestic Andes and the awe-inspiring Amazon rainforest. This itinerary combines the best of both worlds, allowing you to immerse yourself in the natural wonders of the Andes while also experiencing the rich biodiversity of the Amazon.

Begin your journey in the vibrant city of La Paz, nestled in the heart of the Andes. Take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains as you wander through the city’s bustling markets and charming streets.

From La Paz, venture into the Amazon rainforest and discover the untamed beauty of Madidi National Park. This pristine wilderness is home to an incredible array of flora and fauna, making it a paradise for nature enthusiasts. Spend your days exploring the dense jungle, observing exotic wildlife, and marveling at the diverse ecosystem.

During your adventure in Madidi National Park, indulge in thrilling activities like river rafting, where you can navigate the crystal-clear waters of the Amazon’s tributaries and experience the rush of adrenaline as you conquer the rapids.

For bird enthusiasts, the Amazon rainforest offers an exceptional opportunity for bird-watching. With over 1,000 species of birds, including colorful macaws, rare toucans, and elusive hummingbirds, you’ll be amazed by the rich avian diversity that calls this region home.

Whether you’re exploring the Andes, rafting down the Amazon rivers, or spotting vibrant parrots in the rainforest, this itinerary promises a unique blend of natural wonders and cultural experiences that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Highlights of the Andes & Amazon Adventure:

  • Experience the breathtaking beauty of the Andes
  • Explore the pristine Madidi National Park in the Amazon rainforest
  • Enjoy thrilling river rafting adventures
  • Marvel at the diverse bird species in their natural habitat

Reflecting on Your Bolivian Adventure

Congratulations on completing your 10-day itinerary in Bolivia! It has been an incredible journey, filled with unforgettable experiences and breathtaking landscapes. From the serene shores of Lake Titicaca to the bustling streets of La Paz, Bolivia has truly captivated your heart with its rich culture, diverse landscapes, and warm hospitality.

As you reflect on your trip, you can’t help but be amazed by the beauty of Bolivia. The surreal landscapes of the Uyuni Salt Flats, the stunning colonial architecture of Sucre, and the majestic Andean mountains have left a lasting impression on you. Each place you visited had its own unique charm, allowing you to immerse yourself in the country’s vibrant culture and history.

But your Bolivian adventure is not over yet. As you cherish the memories you’ve made, you feel a desire to explore more of this amazing country. Bolivia has ignited a curiosity within you, and you can’t wait to return and discover even more hidden gems. Whether it’s exploring the remote corners of the Amazon rainforest, climbing towering peaks, or visiting the vibrant markets, Bolivia offers endless opportunities for further exploration.


What are the top places to visit in Bolivia in 10 days?

Some of the top places to visit in Bolivia in 10 days include Lake Titicaca, La Paz, Sucre, Tupiza, and the Salar de Uyuni.

How long should I spend exploring Lake Titicaca?

It is recommended to spend at least two days exploring Lake Titicaca, including the picturesque town of Copacabana and Isla del Sol.

What can I do in La Paz?

In La Paz, you can take a cable car tour for panoramic views of the city, visit attractions like Cholita wrestling, and explore the markets for local street food.

Why is Sucre known as the White City?

Sucre is known as the White City because of its whitewashed colonial buildings that give the city a peaceful and charming atmosphere.

What is the highlight of visiting Tupiza?

The highlight of visiting Tupiza is exploring the unique red rock formations and cactus plants that make the town feel like a scene from a western movie.

What can I expect on a jeep tour of Salar de Uyuni?

On a jeep tour of Salar de Uyuni, you can expect to see mesmerizing landscapes including the salt flats, colorful lagoons, high volcanoes, flamingos in the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, and the unique Train Cemetery.

What are some optional additions to my Bolivia itinerary?

Some optional additions to your Bolivia itinerary include visiting the mining city of Potosi, climbing Huayna Potosi, exploring Santa Cruz, and visiting Torotoro National Park.

How can I get around Bolivia during my 10-day itinerary?

Getting around Bolivia during your 10-day itinerary is primarily done by public transport. Buses in Bolivia, though not as comfortable as in other South American countries, are still a reliable and affordable option for traveling between cities.

What are the highlights of Bolivia I shouldn’t miss?

The highlights of Bolivia you shouldn’t miss include Sucre, the Uyuni Salt Flats, Siloli Desert, and Lake Titicaca.

What are the best landscapes to explore in Bolivia?

Some of the best landscapes to explore in Bolivia include Torotoro National Park, the Eduardo Avaroa Andean Fauna National Reserve, and the magnificent Umajalanta Cavern.

What is the Andes and Amazon adventure in Bolivia?

The Andes and Amazon adventure in Bolivia combines exploring the Andes in La Paz with venturing into the Amazon rainforest in Madidi National Park. Activities include river rafting and bird-watching in the diverse ecosystem.

What should I consider after completing my 10-day itinerary in Bolivia?

After completing your 10-day itinerary in Bolivia, take some time to reflect on your trip and cherish the memories you’ve made. Bolivia has shown you its beauty, and there may be a desire to explore more of this amazing country.

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