10-Day Itinerary in Samoa

10-Day Itinerary in Samoa

Welcome to Samoa, a tropical paradise tucked away in the Polynesian region of the Pacific. If you’re planning a vacation to this enchanting destination, you’re in for a treat. With its stunning landscapes, rich cultural heritage, and warm hospitality, Samoa offers a truly memorable travel experience. In this 10-day itinerary, we’ll guide you through the best places to visit and things to do in Samoa, ensuring you make the most of your trip. From pristine beaches to fascinating cultural sites, you’ll explore the very essence of Samoa in just 10 days.

Key Takeaways:

  • Discover the hidden gem of Samoa with its breathtaking landscapes and pristine beaches.
  • Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Samoa, from traditional villages to ancient temples.
  • Experience the warm hospitality and friendly locals as you explore the islands of Upolu and Savaii.
  • Indulge in delicious Samoan cuisine, featuring fresh seafood and tropical flavors.
  • Create lifelong memories as you snorkel in crystal-clear waters, hike through lush rainforests, and relax on picturesque beaches.

Basic Information about Samoa

Samoa is a stunning island nation located in the South Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main islands, Upolu and Savaii, each offering unique attractions and experiences for visitors.


Upolu is the more touristy island of Samoa and is home to the country’s capital city, Apia. Here, travelers can explore the bustling markets, immerse themselves in the local culture and history at the museums and monuments, and indulge in delicious cuisine at the many restaurants and cafes.


Savaii, on the other hand, is less populated and less frequented by tourists, providing a more authentic and tranquil experience. This untouched paradise boasts pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and breathtaking waterfalls. Travelers can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the island and discover hidden gems off the beaten path.

Samoan Currency

The local currency in Samoa is the Samoan Tala. As of June 2023, the exchange rate is 1 euro to 3 tala. It is advisable to have some cash in the local currency for small purchases and transactions, as not all establishments accept credit cards.

Comparison of Upolu and Savaii

Island Main Attractions Tourist Population
  • Apia – capital city
  • Cultural sites and museums
  • Markets and shopping
  • Beautiful beaches
More touristy
  • Untouched beaches
  • Lush rainforests
  • Waterfalls and volcanic landscapes
  • Authentic Samoan villages
Less populated and less touristy

Whether you choose to explore the vibrant city life of Upolu or seek tranquility amidst the natural wonders of Savaii, Samoa promises an unforgettable journey filled with warm hospitality, breathtaking landscapes, and rich cultural heritage.

Accommodation and Food in Samoa

When it comes to experiencing the true essence of Samoa, accommodation and food play a vital role. The island offers a unique blend of traditional Samoan accommodation and delicious local cuisine that will leave you with unforgettable memories.

Beach Fale: Authentic Samoan Accommodation

For a truly authentic experience, staying in a beach fale is a must. These charming small thatched huts are built directly on the beach, allowing you to wake up to the soothing sound of waves and breathtaking ocean views.

A beach fale provides everything you need for a comfortable stay, including a roof to shelter you from the sun and rain, a mattress and pillow for a restful sleep, and a mosquito net to keep those pesky bugs at bay. It’s the perfect opportunity to disconnect from the outside world and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

Many beach fales also offer meals as part of the accommodation package, giving you the chance to savor authentic Samoan cuisine.

Samoan Cuisine: A Gastronomic Delight

Samoa is a paradise for food lovers. The rich cultural heritage of the island is beautifully reflected in its cuisine, which showcases a fusion of flavors and ingredients.

One of the highlights of Samoan cuisine is fresh seafood. From succulent fish to mouthwatering lobster, you’ll find an array of seafood dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. Make sure to try palusami, a traditional dish made with taro leaves and coconut cream, and oka, a raw fish salad marinated in lemon juice and coconut cream.

Don’t forget to indulge in the abundant tropical fruits that Samoa has to offer. From juicy mangoes to sweet papayas, these flavorsome treats will add a burst of freshness to your palate.

Must-Try Samoan Dishes Description
Palusami A delicious dish made with taro leaves wrapped around a filling of corned beef and onions, cooked in coconut cream.
Oka A refreshing salad consisting of raw fish marinated in coconut cream, lemon juice, and served with onions and chili peppers.
Pani Popo A sweet treat made with soft coconut buns soaked in coconut caramel sauce.
Luau A traditional dish made with young taro leaves cooked in coconut cream, often served as a side dish.

Exploring Samoa’s culinary delights is an essential part of your trip, allowing you to immerse yourself in the island’s cultural traditions and flavors.

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Samoa through its unique accommodation options and flavorsome cuisine. Whether you choose to stay in a beach fale or indulge in traditional Samoan dishes, you’re guaranteed an authentic and unforgettable experience.

Day 1 – Arrival to Samoa (Upolu)

Welcome to Samoa! On the first day of your trip, you’ll arrive at Faleolo International Airport on Upolu island. As you step off the plane, you’ll be greeted by warm island breezes and the scent of tropical flowers in the air. It’s the beginning of an unforgettable adventure in this stunning Polynesian paradise.

After going through customs and collecting your luggage, you’ll have a couple of options for handling your currency needs. Faleolo International Airport has currency exchange services available, allowing you to convert your money to Samoan Tala, the local currency. Alternatively, you can withdraw cash from one of the ATMs conveniently located in the arrival area.

As you’ll likely arrive in Samoa later in the day, it’s recommended to find accommodation near the airport or ferry terminal for your first night. This will allow you to rest and prepare for your exciting journey ahead. There are several hotels and guesthouses in the area that cater to travelers’ needs.

It’s also a good idea to plan for your meals in advance. While there are restaurants and cafes in Apia, the capital city on Upolu island, it’s helpful to have some food prepared for your arrival. Consider packing a few snacks or purchasing groceries near your accommodation for convenience.

Recommended Accommodation near Faleolo International Airport: Price Range (per night):
Tanoa Tusitala Hotel $150 – $250
Amanaki Hotel $80 – $150
The Samoan Outrigger Hotel $70 – $120

If you prefer a more budget-friendly option, there are also guesthouses and Airbnb accommodations available in the area. Remember to book in advance to secure your preferred choice.

Take this opportunity to relax and unwind after your journey. Get a good night’s sleep and prepare yourself for the adventures awaiting you on beautiful Upolu island. You’re about to embark on an incredible 10-day journey through the wonders of Samoa!

Day 2 – Crossing from Upolu to Savaii /Lauiula beach fale

On the second day of your Samoa adventure, it’s time to make your way from Upolu to Savaii, the larger and less touristy island. To reach Savaii, take a scenic ferry ride from Upolu, offering breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

Once you arrive in Salelologa, the main city of Savaii, you have a few options for reaching your next destination, Lauiula Beach Fale. If you’re up for an adventure and want to experience the local way of getting around, hitchhiking is a popular option among travelers. Alternatively, you can arrange transport through local tour operators or rent a car if you prefer to have more freedom and flexibility.

Lauiula Beach Fale is a paradise on Savaii, offering an authentic beachfront accommodation experience. Nestled on a pristine white sand beach, you’ll be greeted by stunning turquoise waters and swaying palm trees. The beach fale offers cozy thatched-roof huts with comfortable amenities, including a mattress, pillow, and mosquito net, ensuring a good night’s sleep in the gentle ocean breeze.

One of the highlights of staying at Lauiula Beach Fale is the delicious meals included in the price. Indulge in traditional Samoan cuisine, featuring fresh seafood and tropical fruits that will tantalize your taste buds. Enjoy your meals while taking in the panoramic views of the beach and the sound of the waves crashing on the shore.

Take advantage of the beachfront location and spend your day swimming in the crystal-clear waters, basking in the sun, or simply relaxing in a hammock under the shade of a coconut tree. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can explore nearby attractions, such as the Afu Aau Waterfall and the Alofaaga Blowholes.

Lauiula Beach Fale provides the perfect opportunity to unwind and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Samoa. Its idyllic setting and warm hospitality will make your stay truly memorable.

Highlights of Day 2:

  • Crossing from Upolu to Savaii by ferry
  • Arriving in Salelologa, the main city of Savaii
  • Hitchhiking or arranging transport to Lauiula Beach Fale
  • Enjoying beachfront accommodation on a white sand beach
  • Delicious meals included in the price

Continue your Samoa journey on day three by exploring the stunning attractions of Savaii, including Regina Beach Fale and the mesmerizing Lava Fields.

Day 3 – Exploring Savaii: Regina Beach fale and Lava Fields

Welcome to day three of your Samoan adventure! Today, we invite you to explore the natural wonders of Savaii, the second-largest island in Samoa. Start your day by visiting Regina Beach fale, a picturesque beachfront accommodation that offers breathtaking views and warm hospitality. Take a stroll along the pristine white sandy beach, dip your toes in the crystal-clear waters, and simply unwind in this tropical paradise.

After enjoying the tranquility of Regina Beach fale, make your way to the famous Lava Fields. These unique geological formations are a testament to the island’s volcanic past. As you explore the area, you’ll come across the remains of a church partially covered in solidified lava from a previous eruption. It’s a surreal sight that showcases the raw power of nature.

Don’t forget to capture these unforgettable moments on camera, as the natural beauty of both Regina Beach fale and the Lava Fields is truly awe-inspiring. Immerse yourself in the serene surroundings and appreciate the wonders that Savaii has to offer.

As the day comes to an end, you can head back to your chosen accommodation and relax, reflecting on the incredible experiences you’ve had so far. Tomorrow, we’ll continue our journey through Samoa, discovering more hidden gems that this beautiful island nation has in store.

Day 6 – Vaiula Beach fale (Upolu)

After exploring the fascinating sights of Savaii, it’s time to return to Upolu for a day of relaxation at Vaiula Beach fale. Located on the tranquil shores of Upolu island, Vaiula Beach fale offers a serene beachfront location where you can unwind and rejuvenate.

As you step onto the soft white sands and feel the gentle breeze caress your skin, all your worries will melt away. Vaiula Beach fale provides the perfect backdrop for a peaceful escape, allowing you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Samoa.

Indulge in the stunning views of the crystal-clear turquoise waters, swaying palm trees, and the sound of waves crashing against the shoreline. Find your spot on the beach, settle into a comfortable hammock, and let yourself be lulled into a state of pure relaxation.

Exploring Nuusafee Island

If you’re craving a bit of adventure, consider taking a boat trip to nearby Nuusafee Island. This small, uninhabited island is a hidden gem with pristine beaches and vibrant marine life. Don your snorkeling gear and dive into the crystal-clear waters, where you’ll be greeted by colorful coral reefs and tropical fish.

Explore the underwater world at your own pace, marveling at the vibrant coral formations and the enchanting marine creatures that call these waters home. Whether you’re a seasoned snorkeler or a novice, Nuusafee Island offers an unforgettable experience for nature lovers.

Accommodation and Dining at Vaiula Beach fale

At Vaiula Beach fale, you’ll find traditional Samoan beach fales that provide a comfortable and authentic stay. These simple thatched huts offer a unique blend of rustic charm and modern amenities, allowing you to experience the true essence of Samoa.

During your stay, you’ll be treated to delicious Samoan cuisine prepared with fresh local ingredients. Indulge in mouthwatering seafood dishes, tropical fruits, and traditional delicacies that will tantalize your taste buds and give you a true taste of Samoa.

Accommodation Features Facilities
Beachfront location Private bathroom
Comfortable hammocks Restaurant
Authentic Samoan design Bar
Panoramic ocean views Wi-Fi
Mosquito nets Laundry service

Embark on a culinary journey, savoring the flavors of Samoa, while enjoying the breathtaking panoramic views of the ocean. Each meal at Vaiula Beach fale is a true feast for the senses, leaving you satiated and ready for another day of relaxation or exploration.

Soak up the beauty of Vaiula Beach fale, unwind in paradise, and let your worries fade away as you enjoy the soothing sound of the waves and the warm embrace of the Samoan sun.

Day 9 – Faofao Beach fale (Upolu)

On day nine of your 10-day itinerary in Samoa, make your way to Faofao Beach fale, a stunning beachfront accommodation located on Upolu island. This picturesque retreat offers breathtaking ocean views and a serene atmosphere, allowing you to unwind and enjoy the natural beauty of Samoa.

As you settle into your beach fale, take a moment to soak up the tranquility and breathe in the fresh sea air. The Faofao Beach fale provides comfortable amenities, including a cozy bed, mosquito netting, and a private outdoor shower.

In the afternoon, embark on an unforgettable excursion to the world-famous To Sua Ocean Trench. Just a short drive from Faofao Beach fale, this natural wonder will leave you in awe. The To Sua Ocean Trench is a giant sinkhole filled with crystal-clear turquoise water, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation. Take a refreshing dip in the cool waters or simply marvel at the breathtaking sight.

After your visit to the To Sua Ocean Trench, head back to Faofao Beach fale and spend the rest of the day basking in the sun and enjoying the pristine beauty of Lalomanu beach. This idyllic stretch of soft white sand and azure waters is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, or simply relaxing with a good book.

End your day with a delicious dinner at the beach fale, where you can indulge in a variety of fresh seafood dishes and traditional Samoan cuisine while listening to the sound of the waves gently lapping the shore.

Day 9 Highlights:

  • Stay at Faofao Beach fale, a beachfront accommodation on Upolu island.
  • Visit the breathtaking To Sua Ocean Trench, a natural swimming hole.
  • Spend the day at Lalomanu beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying the pristine surroundings.
Accommodation Highlight Activities
Faofao Beach fale To Sua Ocean Trench
  • Swim in the To Sua Ocean Trench
  • Relax and enjoy Lalomanu beach
  • Indulge in delicious seafood and Samoan cuisine


This 10-day itinerary in Samoa provides a comprehensive guide for travelers looking to explore the natural beauty and cultural attractions of this stunning island nation. From the pristine beaches of Upolu to the rugged landscapes of Savaii, there is so much to discover in Samoa.

Throughout this itinerary, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique charm of Samoa and experience traditional beach fales, where you can fall asleep to the sound of the ocean and wake up to breathtaking views right at your doorstep. Indulge in the delicious flavors of Samoan cuisine, including fresh seafood and tropical fruits that will tantalize your taste buds.

Whether you’re snorkeling through vibrant coral reefs, exploring the ancient ruins of lava-covered churches, or simply relaxing on the white sand beaches, Samoa offers a diverse range of activities for every traveler. Follow this itinerary to maximize your 10 days in Samoa and create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.


What is the currency in Samoa?

The currency in Samoa is the Samoan Tala, with an exchange rate of 1 euro to 3 tala as of June 2023.

What type of accommodation is typical in Samoa?

The most typical accommodation in Samoa is the beach fale, a small thatched hut built directly on the beach. These offer a simple yet authentic experience, providing a roof, mattress, pillow, and mosquito net. Many beach fales also include meals in the price.

What kind of food can I expect in Samoa?

Samoa offers a range of delicious traditional dishes, including fresh seafood and tropical fruits.

What should I do on my first day in Samoa?

On the first day of your trip, it’s recommended to stay near the airport or ferry terminal and have your own food prepared, as it may be late in the day. You can either exchange currency or withdraw money from an ATM at the airport.

How do I travel from Upolu to Savaii?

Take the ferry from Upolu to Savaii. Once you arrive in Salelologa, the main city of Savaii, you can hitchhike or arrange transport to Lauiula beach fale.

What can I see in Savaii?

In Savaii, don’t miss out on visiting Regina beach fale, where you can enjoy the hospitality of the owner and the beautiful surroundings. You can also visit the famous Lava Fields, where you can see the ruins of a church covered in lava from a previous volcanic eruption.

What can I do at Vaiula Beach fale in Upolu?

At Vaiula Beach fale in Upolu, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful beachfront location. You can also take a boat trip to nearby Nuusafee island for some snorkeling.

What should I do at Faofao Beach fale on Upolu island?

At Faofao Beach fale, another beachfront accommodation on Upolu island, take a trip to the famous To Sua Ocean Trench, a stunning natural swimming hole. Spend the rest of the day enjoying Lalomanu beach.

What is included in this 10-day itinerary in Samoa?

This 10-day itinerary in Samoa offers a comprehensive guide to the best places to visit and things to do in Samoa. It includes exploring pristine beaches, cultural attractions, and enjoying traditional accommodation and delicious cuisine.

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