7-Day Itinerary in Osaka, Japan

7-Day Itinerary in Osaka, Japan

Planning a trip to Osaka, Japan? Look no further! In this comprehensive travel guide, I will walk you through the top attractions and insider tips to explore Osaka in one week. Whether you’re a history lover, a foodie, or a fan of thrilling adventures, Osaka has something for everyone. Let’s dive into the best itinerary for your Osaka trip!

During your 7-day Osaka adventure, you’ll have the opportunity to visit iconic landmarks, immerse yourself in the vibrant city life, and discover the rich history and culture of Japan. With careful planning and this handy itinerary, you’ll make the most of your time in this incredible city.

Key Takeaways:

  • Plan a 7-day itinerary to explore Osaka’s top attractions.
  • Discover the vibrant city life and rich history of Osaka.
  • Experience the delicious local cuisine and vibrant nightlife.
  • Consider visiting Osaka Castle, Dotonbori, and the Osaka Aquarium.
  • Choose from a range of accommodation options in Kita-ku, Minami-ku, or Honmachi-ku.

Where to Stay in Osaka

Planning a trip to Osaka and wondering where to stay? Look no further! This section will guide you through the three recommended areas to stay in Osaka, each offering unique experiences and convenient access to the city’s top attractions.


If you’re looking for easy access to different parts of the city and nearby destinations like Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe, Kita-ku is the perfect choice. This area is home to the iconic Osaka Castle, where you can immerse yourself in history and enjoy stunning views from the castle grounds. The Osaka Museum of History is also nearby, offering a deep dive into the city’s rich past. Don’t miss the beautiful Nishinomaru Garden, a peaceful oasis located within Osaka Castle Park. And of course, a visit to Dotonbori is a must for its vibrant atmosphere and delicious street food.


If you’re seeking vibrant nightlife, a bustling culinary scene, and excellent shopping opportunities, Minami-ku is the neighborhood for you. This area is known for its energetic entertainment district, featuring iconic landmarks like the neon-lit Dotonbori and the bustling Shinsaibashi Shopping Street. Enjoy a variety of dining options, from local street food to high-end restaurants, and indulge in some retail therapy at the numerous fashion boutiques and department stores.


For a quieter and more relaxed stay, Honmachi-ku is an ideal choice. Located in the heart of Osaka, this area offers a more tranquil atmosphere while still providing convenient access to both Kita and Minami. Explore the historic Osaka Castle area and take a stroll through the quaint neighborhoods. Honmachi-ku is a great base for exploring the city at a slower pace and discovering hidden gems off the beaten path.

Whether you prefer the bustling energy of Minami-ku, the historical charm of Kita-ku, or the peaceful ambiance of Honmachi-ku, each area offers its own unique appeal. Choose the one that suits your preferences and embark on a memorable adventure in Osaka.

Area Highlights
  • Osaka Castle
  • Osaka Museum of History
  • Nishinomaru Garden
  • Dotonbori
  • Dotonbori
  • Shinsaibashi Shopping Street
  • Entertainment district
  • Quiet atmosphere
  • Convenient access to Kita and Minami
  • Exploring off the beaten path

Choose the area that aligns with your travel preferences and embark on an unforgettable journey through Osaka’s vibrant neighborhoods and iconic landmarks. Whether you’re captivated by the rich history of Osaka Castle, fascinated by the city’s cultural heritage at the Osaka Museum of History, or want to immerse yourself in the energetic atmosphere of Dotonbori, your stay in Osaka will be nothing short of amazing.

Day 1 – Osaka Castle and Surroundings

Start your first day in Osaka by immersing yourself in the rich history of the city. Begin with a visit to the magnificent Osaka Castle, a symbol of the Kansai region. This iconic keep showcases the grandeur of feudal Japan and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding skyline.

While exploring the castle, take a leisurely stroll through the Nishinomaru garden, a peaceful oasis that surrounds the castle. The meticulously manicured landscapes and serene atmosphere create the perfect setting for a relaxed morning.

If you’re interested in delving deeper into Osaka’s history, consider purchasing a combination ticket that grants access to both Osaka Castle and the nearby Osaka Museum of History. This comprehensive museum provides a fascinating glimpse into the city’s past, from its humble beginnings to the thriving metropolis it is today.

After immersing yourself in history, satisfy your taste buds at Dotonbori, a vibrant district renowned for its lively atmosphere and delectable cuisine. Indulge in local delicacies such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki, and freshly grilled seafood while taking in the colorful neon lights that line the streets.

For a refreshing break, grab a seat by the Dotonbori Canal and watch the iconic Glico Running Man sign light up the night sky. This is the perfect spot to capture memorable photos and soak up the energetic ambiance of this bustling area.

Attraction Highlights
Osaka Castle – Explore the iconic castle keep- Enjoy panoramic views from the top
Nishinomaru garden – Relax in the peaceful surroundings- Admire the beautiful landscapes
Osaka Museum of History – Learn about Osaka’s rich past- Discover interactive exhibits
Dotonbori – Delight in a vibrant food scene- Experience the energetic atmosphere

Day 2 – Tenma and Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street

Today, we explore the charming neighborhood of Tenma, which is rich in history and offers a fantastic shopping experience. Let’s start our day at the Osaka Tenmagu Shrine, dedicated to Tenjin, the deity of academics and scholarship. This tranquil shrine is a great place to soak in the spiritual atmosphere and seek blessings for knowledge and wisdom.

After visiting the shrine, we’ll make our way to the Osaka Museum of Housing & Living, where you can step back in time and experience the bustling streets of Osaka during the Edo period. Explore the meticulously recreated buildings, sample traditional foods, and learn about the daily life of the locals in the past.

As we continue our day, we’ll make our way to the famous Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street. Stretching over 2.6 kilometers, this bustling arcade is one of the longest shopping streets in Japan. From trendy boutiques to traditional shops, you’ll find a wide variety of goods and local specialties here. Don’t forget to try some mouthwatering korokke, a deep-fried potato croquette, and enjoy a cup of coffee from a cozy kissaten along the way.

As the evening approaches, let’s venture to the northern exit of Tenma Station, where you’ll discover the vibrant nightlife scene. Explore the lively bars, izakayas, and karaoke spots that offer a taste of local entertainment and socializing. Enjoy the energetic atmosphere and create unforgettable memories in this dynamic part of Osaka.

Highlights of Day 2 Recommended Time
Osaka Tenmagu Shrine Morning
Osaka Museum of Housing & Living Afternoon
Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street Afternoon to Evening
Nightlife near Tenma Station Evening

Day 3 – Osaka Bay Area: USJ or Osaka Aquarium

When visiting Osaka, a trip to the Osaka Bay Area is a must. On your third day, you have the option to choose between two fantastic attractions – Universal Studios Japan (USJ) or the Osaka Aquarium. Both offer unique experiences that will make your day full of fun and excitement.

If you’re a fan of thrilling rides, movie magic, and beloved characters, then Universal Studios Japan is the perfect choice for you. With its recent addition of the Super Nintendo World, you can immerse yourself in the world of your favorite Nintendo games and characters. Experience adrenaline-pumping attractions, enjoy spectacular shows, and indulge in delicious themed food.

For those seeking a more relaxed and educational experience, the Osaka Aquarium (Kaiyukan) is an excellent alternative. Explore the fascinating underwater world and encounter a wide variety of marine creatures, including sharks, dolphins, and penguins. Don’t miss the awe-inspiring giant tank that replicates the Pacific Ocean’s ecosystem.

Universal Studios Japan (USJ) Osaka Aquarium
Thrilling rides and attractions Fascinating marine life
Super Nintendo World Giant shark tank
Spectacular shows Interactive exhibits
Themed food and merchandise Touch pool and feeding shows

Whichever option you choose, make sure to include a visit to the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel. From the top, you’ll enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Osaka’s skyline and the surrounding bay area. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider taking a trip to Mount Tenpō for even more stunning vistas.


  1. Start your day at either Universal Studios Japan or the Osaka Aquarium.
  2. After exploring the chosen attraction, enjoy a leisurely lunch in the Osaka Bay Area.
  3. Visit the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel for incredible views of Osaka.
  4. If time permits and you’re up for more adventure, make your way to Mount Tenpō.
  5. End the day by immersing yourself in the stunning city views from the Umeda Sky Building.

With so many exciting options, the Osaka Bay Area promises a day filled with unforgettable experiences. Choose the attraction that resonates with your interests and immerse yourself in the magic of Osaka.


Osaka is a vibrant city with a wide range of attractions that are sure to captivate any traveler. This 7-day itinerary is the perfect guide to help you make the most of your time in Osaka. From the iconic Osaka Castle to the bustling streets of Dotonbori, there is something for everyone to enjoy on this adventure.

By following the recommendations for each day, you’ll be able to experience the best of Osaka’s attractions and create unforgettable memories. Whether you’re interested in exploring historical landmarks, indulging in delicious local cuisine, or immersing yourself in the vibrant nightlife, this itinerary has got you covered.

No matter what your interests are, Osaka guarantees an exciting and enriching travel experience. So, pack your bags and get ready to embark on a memorable journey through this dynamic city. Discover the wonders of Osaka, follow this comprehensive itinerary, and let the magic of this captivating destination unfold before your eyes!


What is the best 7-day itinerary for Osaka, Japan?

Our recommended 7-day itinerary includes visiting top attractions like Osaka Castle, Osaka Museum of History, Dotonbori, and exploring neighborhoods such as Tenma and the Osaka Bay Area. Each day offers a unique experience to make the most of your time in Osaka.

Where are the best areas to stay in Osaka?

We suggest staying in Kita-ku, Minami-ku, or Honmachi-ku. Kita-ku is ideal for easy access to different parts of the city and nearby locations like Kyoto, Nara, and Kobe. Minami-ku is known for its vibrant nightlife, culinary scene, and shopping streets. Honmachi-ku offers a quieter environment with convenient access to both Kita and Minami.

What are the must-visit attractions near Osaka Castle?

Near Osaka Castle, don’t miss the Osaka Museum of History which provides insights into the city’s past. Take a stroll through the beautiful Nishinomaru Garden for stunning views of the castle. In the evening, immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Dotonbori, known for its delicious food scene.

What can I explore in the neighborhood of Tenma?

Start your day by visiting the Osaka Tenmagu Shrine, dedicated to Tenjin, the deity of academics and scholarship. Then, head to the Osaka Museum of Housing & Living to experience what the streets of Osaka were like during the Edo period. Explore the Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street, known as one of the longest shopping streets in Japan. Don’t forget to try local specialties like korokke and coffee from a kissaten. In the evening, check out the nightlife spots near Tenma Station’s Northern exit.

Should I visit Universal Studios Japan or Osaka Aquarium in the Osaka Bay Area?

It depends on your preference. If you’re looking for thrilling rides and attractions, Universal Studios Japan (USJ) is the perfect choice. They even have the recently opened Super Nintendo World. If you prefer a more relaxed experience, the Osaka Aquarium is a great alternative. Don’t miss the Tempozan Giant Ferris Wheel or Mount Tenpō for panoramic views of Osaka.

What are the top attractions to explore in Osaka?

Osaka offers a variety of attractions, including Osaka Castle, Dotonbori, Osaka Museum of History, Tenjinbashi-suji Shopping Street, and the Osaka Bay Area with its options of Universal Studios Japan and Osaka Aquarium. Follow our 7-day itinerary to make the most of your time in Osaka and create unforgettable memories.

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