Camping Near Milan, Italy (Camping Sites & Locations)

Camping Near Milan, Italy (Camping Sites & Locations)

Are you planning a trip to Milan, Italy, and looking for an adventurous outdoor experience? Camping near Milan offers a unique opportunity to explore the city’s attractions while enjoying the tranquility of nature. In this article, I will introduce you to some of the best campsites near Milan, Italy, where you can unwind and connect with the beautiful surroundings.

Key Takeaways:

  • Experience the convenience of Camping Citta di Milano, the only campsite within Milan city limits.
  • Enjoy excellent amenities at Camping Citta di Milano, such as a restaurant, bar, sauna, and water park.
  • Explore other camping options near Milan, including campsites around Lake Garda with stunning scenery.
  • Plan your camping roadtrip in Italy and discover the beauty of cities like Venice, Rome, and Florence.
  • Immerse yourself in Italy’s diverse landscapes, from the Italian Alps to the picturesque lakes of Como and Garda.

Facilities at Camping Citta di Milano

When it comes to camping in Milan, Italy, Camping Citta di Milano stands out as an excellent choice. This campsite offers a range of facilities to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

Here are some of the facilities available at Camping Citta di Milano:

  • Two excellent sanitary blocks with WCs, wash basins, and showers.
  • Accessible facilities and laundry services.
  • Motorhome service point and covered motorhome storage near the entrance.
  • Bar, play area, and children’s toilets for family-friendly convenience.
  • Four private bathrooms for added privacy.
  • Restaurant serving delicious meals.
  • Petting zoo for animal lovers.
  • Shop, pizzeria, and gas station conveniently located on-site.
  • WiFi is available throughout the campsite.

With these facilities, Camping Citta di Milano offers everything you need for a comfortable and memorable camping experience near Milan, Italy. Whether you’re traveling in a motorhome or looking for a family-friendly destination, this campsite has you covered.

Explore Milan and its surroundings, and unwind in nature at Camping Citta di Milano.

Directions to Camping Citta di Milano

Looking for the best camping locations near Milan, Italy? Look no further! Camping Citta di Milano is the perfect choice for affordable camping near Milan. Located just off the west ring road at J3, this campsite offers convenient access to both Milan and its surrounding attractions. Follow these directions to reach Camping Citta di Milano:

  1. Head towards the traffic lights with a petrol station on the corner.
  2. Turn right onto Via Novara at the traffic lights.
  3. Continue straight and take another right at the next set of traffic lights.
  4. After a few hundred yards, you’ll find the campsite on your left.

The address of Camping Citta di Milano is I-20153, and the coordinates are 45.474286, 9.082135. To make it even easier, you can also find directions via Google Maps.

Whether you’re in Milan for a brief stopover or planning a longer stay, Camping Citta di Milano provides the perfect base for your camping adventure. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore Milan and its surrounding areas while enjoying the comfort and affordability of this fantastic campsite. So pack your camping gear and head towards Camping Citta di Milano, your gateway to the best camping locations near Milan, Italy!

Camping Options Near Milan, Italy

Besides Camping Citta di Milano, there are other camping options in the vicinity of Milan. One popular destination for camping enthusiasts is Lake Garda, located to the east of Milan. This picturesque location offers several campsites with beautiful scenery and a range of amenities.

Here are some recommended campsites near Milan:

Campsite Location Amenities
Cisano/San Vito Lake Garda Swimming pools, entertainment programs, proximity to villages
Altomincio Family Park Lake Garda Water parks, sports facilities, bike rentals
Piantelle Lake Garda Rental accommodations, beach access, restaurant
Bella Italia Peschiera del Garda, Lake Garda Large water park, multiple pools, entertainment
La Rocca Manerba Manerba del Garda, Lake Garda Direct access to the lake, restaurant, shop

Each campsite offers a unique experience and various types of accommodations available for rent. Whether you’re looking for swimming pools, entertainment programs, or proximity to charming villages, these campsites near Milan provide a range of options to suit your preferences.

Example campsite image:

Exploring Milan and Beyond

When visiting Milan, there is so much more to explore beyond the city itself. Milan is renowned as a vibrant business hub and a fashion and design capital. But it’s not just about high-end fashion and luxury shopping in the Golden Quarter, where famous department stores like Dior, Prada, and Louis Vuitton reside. Milan also offers a rich cultural heritage, a thriving art scene, and a multitude of sightseeing opportunities.

However, if you’re craving stunning natural landscapes and scenic camping locations, look no further than the surrounding regions of Milan. Italy is blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, and Milan’s proximity to breathtaking destinations allows for incredible camping adventures.

Scenic Destinations Near Milan

While Milan may be a bustling metropolis, it is surrounded by picturesque landscapes that are worth exploring. Some of the top destinations near Milan include:

  • Lake Como: Located just north of Milan, Lake Como is renowned for its captivating beauty. Surrounded by majestic mountains and dotted with charming villages, it offers a serene escape from the city.
  • Lake Garda: Situated to the east of Milan, Lake Garda is Italy’s largest lake and offers a stunning combination of crystal-clear waters, towering mountains, and delightful lakeside towns.
  • The Italian Alps: Head north from Milan, and you’ll find yourself in the majestic Italian Alps. From breathtaking peaks to picturesque alpine meadows, this region is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.
  • The Dolomites: Located northeast of Milan, the Dolomites are a UNESCO World Heritage site renowned for their dramatic peaks, crystal-clear lakes, and breathtaking hiking trails.

These scenic locations provide a perfect backdrop for camping, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature while still enjoying proximity to Milan and its cultural offerings.

Other Notable Cities to Visit in Italy

If you’re planning an extended camping trip in Italy, there are several other notable cities worth visiting. Each city offers a unique blend of history, culture, and culinary delights:

  1. Venice: Explore the charming canals and historic architecture of this enchanting city.
  2. San Marino: Discover the medieval charm of this small republic perched atop a mountain.
  3. Lecce: Known as the “Florence of the South,” Lecce boasts stunning Baroque architecture and a vibrant cultural scene.
  4. Naples: Visit the birthplace of pizza and explore the ancient ruins of Pompeii.
  5. Rome: Immerse yourself in the glorious history and iconic landmarks of the Eternal City.
  6. Florence: Marvel at the Renaissance masterpieces and soak in the romantic atmosphere of this cultural gem.

These cities offer an immersive travel experience, complementing the natural beauty of the camping destinations near Milan.

Scenic Locations Distance from Milan
Lake Como 1 hour drive
Lake Garda 1.5 hours drive
The Italian Alps 2 hours drive
The Dolomites 3 hours drive
Venice 2.5 hours drive
San Marino 3 hours drive
Lecce 8 hours drive
Naples 3 hours drive
Rome 3 hours drive
Florence 3.5 hours drive

Embark on a camping adventure near Milan and explore the stunning landscapes and captivating cities that Italy has to offer. Whether you’re looking for outdoor adventures in the Italian Alps or immersing yourself in the rich history of Rome, the possibilities are endless when you combine camping with exploration.

Planning Your Camping Roadtrip in Italy

Embarking on a camping roadtrip through Italy is an exciting adventure that allows you to explore some of the most beautiful campsites in the country. Whether you start your journey from Bavaria or Switzerland, there are numerous incredible destinations to discover. Let’s dive into the details to help you plan your unforgettable camping roadtrip in Italy.

Starting from Bavaria

If you begin your roadtrip from Bavaria, you’ll follow a scenic route that takes you through beautiful landscapes. Here’s the suggested itinerary:

  1. From Munich, take the A8 and A93 towards Innsbruck, Austria.
  2. Continue on the A22 towards Verona, Italy.
  3. After approximately five hours of driving, you’ll reach Verona, which serves as an excellent starting point for exploring the camping destinations in northern Italy.

Driving via Switzerland

Alternatively, you can opt for a roadtrip through Switzerland before heading to Italy. Here’s the suggested route:

  1. Cross the border at Konstanz and continue towards Zurich, Switzerland.
  2. From Zurich, head south towards Milan, Italy.
  3. Once you reach Milan, you’ll have easy access to several camping destinations in northern and central Italy.

Choosing Your Campsite

Before selecting your campsite, consider the attractions and cities you want to visit in Italy. If you’re a nature enthusiast, the Italian Alps with their breathtaking mountains and the picturesque lakes of Como and Garda are must-visit destinations. On the other hand, if you’re intrigued by Italy’s rich history and culture, cities like Venice, San Marino, Lecce, Naples, Rome, and Florence offer a wealth of sightseeing opportunities.

Now that you have an overview of the roadtrip options and camping destinations in Italy, it’s time to plan your itinerary and prepare for an amazing adventure.

Camping Destination Highlights
Lake Como Stunning lake views, hiking trails, watersports, and charming lakeside towns.
Lake Garda Picturesque lake scenery, historic sites, amusement parks, and watersports.
Venice Iconic canals, grand architecture, gondola rides, and vibrant cultural scene.
San Marino Medieval fortress, panoramic views, historic landmarks, and charming streets.
Lecce Baroque architecture, beautiful churches, rich culinary traditions.
Naples Rich history, UNESCO-listed sites, pizza, and vibrant street life.
Rome Colosseum, Vatican City, ancient ruins, art, and world-class cuisine.
Florence Renowned art galleries, historic architecture, Tuscan cuisine.

Top 10 Campsites in Italy

Looking for the best camping locations near Milan, Italy? Here are the top 10 scenic camping locations in Italy that offer breathtaking views and a range of amenities:

  • Camping Village San Francesco: Located at Lake Garda, this campsite offers direct views of the lake and family-friendly amenities.
  • Camping Marina di Venezia: Situated near Venice, this campsite provides easy access to the city and a variety of recreational activities.
  • Centro Vacanze San Marino: On the Adriatic Coast, this campsite features a swimming pool, sports facilities, and entertainment programs.
  • Centro Vacanze La Masseria: Found in Puglia, this campsite combines nature and culture, offering a range of amenities.
  • Camping da Mario: Located in Calabria, this campsite is situated directly on a sandy beach and offers fresh fish and vegetables from the market.
  • Campeggio Villaggio dei Pini: Situated in Campania, this campsite boasts a private beach and a variety of facilities for families.
  • Camping Villaggio Santa Fortunata: Near Naples and Pompeii, this campsite offers panoramic pitches with a view of the Gulf of Naples.
  • TAHITI Camping e Thermae Bungalow Park: On the Adriatic coast, this themed campsite provides extensive recreational activities.
  • Camping Arizona: Located in Parma, this campsite offers a nature camping experience with attractions for the whole family.
  • Holiday Village Florence: Situated on the Adriatic coast, this campsite offers a wide range of sports and entertainment programs, along with various restaurants.

These top 10 campsites in Italy provide exceptional camping experiences and breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re exploring Milan or embarking on a camping road trip through Italy, these campsites offer the perfect balance of natural beauty and modern amenities.

Campsite Location Highlights
Camping Village San Francesco Lake Garda Direct views of the lake, family-friendly amenities
Camping Marina di Venezia Venice Easy access to the city, recreational activities
Centro Vacanze San Marino Adriatic Coast Swimming pool, sports facilities, entertainment programs
Centro Vacanze La Masseria Puglia Nature and culture combined, range of amenities
Camping da Mario Calabria Directly on a sandy beach, fresh fish and vegetables
Campeggio Villaggio dei Pini Campania Private beach, facilities for families
Camping Villaggio Santa Fortunata Near Naples and Pompeii Panoramic pitches, view of the Gulf of Naples
TAHITI Camping e Thermae Bungalow Park Adriatic Coast Themed campsite, extensive recreational activities
Camping Arizona Parma Nature camping experience, attractions for the whole family
Holiday Village Florence Adriatic Coast Wide sports and entertainment program, various restaurants


When it comes to camping near Milan, Italy, outdoor enthusiasts have plenty of options to choose from. One of the top choices is Camping Citta di Milano, which not only provides convenient access to Milan and its attractions but also offers a range of amenities such as a restaurant, bar, and petting zoo. This campsite is perfect for those looking for a blend of nature and city experiences.

However, if you’re looking for a more scenic camping location near Milan, consider exploring the campsites around Lake Garda. With its breathtaking views and a variety of family-friendly facilities, Lake Garda offers the perfect setting for a memorable camping experience. From swimming and boating to exploring quaint villages, there’s something for everyone.

Italy itself is a diverse country that caters to all types of outdoor adventurers. From the stunning landscapes of the Italian Alps to the historic cities like Venice, Rome, and Florence, there’s no shortage of places to visit during your camping road trip in Italy. Remember to plan your itinerary based on the attractions and destinations you want to explore, and choose campsites that align with your interests and preferences.

So, whether you’re looking for affordable camping near Milan or want to uncover the beauty of Italy’s scenic spots, there’s a campsite waiting to welcome you. Pack your tent, gather your camping gear, and get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Milan and beyond.


Are there any campsites in Milan itself?

Yes, there is one campsite within Milan called Camping Citta di Milano.

What facilities does Camping Citta di Milano offer?

Camping Citta di Milano offers amenities such as a restaurant, bar, sauna, good sanitary facilities, and a water park adjacent to the site.

Is there shade available at Camping Citta di Milano?

Yes, the campsite provides excellent shade from large trees during the summer.

Are there hardstandings available at Camping Citta di Milano?

No, the campsite does not have hardstandings, and some pitches may be narrow between the trees.

Is Camping Citta di Milano suitable for a stop-over or a few days’ stay?

Yes, Camping Citta di Milano is suitable for a stop-over while traveling through Italy or for a few days when visiting Milan.

What facilities are available at Camping Citta di Milano?

Camping Citta di Milano offers two excellent sanitary blocks, accessible facilities, laundry services, a motorhome service point, and covered motorhome storage near the entrance. There is also a bar, play area, four private bathrooms, a restaurant, petting zoo, children’s toilets, a shop, pizzeria, and gas available on-site. WiFi is available throughout the site.

How do I get to Camping Citta di Milano?

To get to Camping Citta di Milano, take the west ring road at J3 and turn right at the traffic lights onto Via Novara. Take another right at the next set of traffic lights, and the campsite will be on the left after a few hundred yards. The address is I-20153, and the coordinates are 45.474286, 9.082135. Directions can also be found via Google Maps.

Are there any other camping options near Milan?

Yes, besides Camping Citta di Milano, there are other camping options in the vicinity of Milan, such as campsites around Lake Garda.

What are some recommended campsites near Milan?

Some recommended campsites near Milan include Cisano/San Vito, Altomincio Family Park, Piantelle, Bella Italia, and La Rocca Manerba. These campsites offer amenities such as pools, entertainment programs, and proximity to quaint villages.

What are some scenic destinations to explore in Italy?

Italy offers several scenic destinations to explore, including the Italian Alps, the Dolomites, Lake Como, and Lake Garda. These locations provide stunning views and a variety of leisure activities.

What are some notable cities to visit in Italy?

Some notable cities to visit in Italy include Venice, San Marino, Lecce, Naples, Rome, and Florence. These cities offer historical and cultural sightseeing opportunities.

How can I plan my camping roadtrip in Italy?

When planning your camping roadtrip in Italy, consider the attractions and cities you want to visit. Choose campsites that align with your desired destinations.

What are some top campsites in Italy?

Some top campsites in Italy include Camping Village San Francesco at Lake Garda, Camping Marina di Venezia near Venice, Centro Vacanze San Marino on the Adriatic Coast, Centro Vacanze La Masseria in Puglia, Camping da Mario in Calabria, Campeggio Villaggio dei Pini in Campania, Camping Villaggio Santa Fortunata near Naples and Pompeii, TAHITI Camping e Thermae Bungalow Park on the Adriatic coast, Camping Arizona in Parma, and Holiday Village Florence on the Adriatic coast.

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