Camping Near Shenzhen, China (Camping Sites & Locations)

Camping Near Shenzhen, China (Camping Sites & Locations)

Looking to escape the bustling city of Shenzhen and immerse yourself in nature? Look no further! Shenzhen offers a range of fantastic camping sites and locations that will satisfy even the most avid outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you prefer pitching a tent in the wilderness or enjoying the comfort of a campsite, there’s something for everyone.

In this article, I’ll introduce you to three popular campsites in Shenzhen that are sure to provide an unforgettable camping experience. From serene mountain retreats to stunning beachfront campsites, Shenzhen has it all.

Key Takeaways:

  • Shenzhen offers a range of camping options for nature lovers.
  • Maluan Mountain in Pingshan Town provides a paradise for hiking and camping.
  • Dalu Harbor offers untouched beauty and tranquility for camping enthusiasts.
  • Xichong, located in Dapeng Peninsula, is a beach paradise in Shenzhen.
  • NatureLand Campsite provides convenient camping facilities in Shenzhen.

Maluan Mountain – A Paradise for Nature Enthusiasts

Located in Ma Luan Village, Pingshan Town, Maluan Mountain is a hidden gem for nature enthusiasts seeking an escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. With its moderate slopes and abundant vegetation, this mountain offers an idyllic setting for camping and hiking adventures.

One of the highlights of Maluan Mountain is its ancient villages and well-preserved Hakka residences, which provide a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region. As you explore the quiet hills and winding trails, you’ll be captivated by the serene beauty and tranquility of the surroundings.

Camping at Maluan Mountain allows you to immerse yourself in nature’s wonders. Whether you choose to pitch a tent or rent a cozy cabin, you’ll be treated to breathtaking views, starry nights, and the soothing sounds of nature.

After a day of exploring, satisfy your taste buds with the local cuisine. From Hakka delicacies to freshly harvested produce, the culinary offerings in this region are sure to leave you craving for more.

For a memorable camping experience, head to Honghualing Village, the perfect campsite within Maluan Mountain. Here, you can enjoy the peaceful ambiance, have fun in the streams, and even take refreshing showers amidst nature’s embrace.

If you’re a nature lover looking for a rejuvenating escape, Maluan Mountain in Pingshan Town is the place to be. With its scenic beauty, ancient villages, and delicious local cuisine, it truly is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts.

Dalu Harbor – Embrace the Beauty of Untouched Nature

Dalu Harbor is an uninhabited bay located in Shenzhen that offers a breathtaking glimpse of untouched beauty and tranquility. Surrounded by majestic mountains and facing the vast expanse of the ocean, it is home to beautiful beaches and a perennial stream that adds to its natural allure.

The pristine and pollution-free environment makes Dalu Harbor a popular camping spot, allowing visitors to connect with nature on a deeper level. With its crystal-clear waters and stunning surroundings, camping at Dalu Harbor offers a unique opportunity to swim, relax on the beautiful beaches, and indulge in the exhilarating activity of crab-catching. The serene atmosphere and untouched landscape provide the perfect setting for a peaceful and rejuvenating camping experience.

Safety is paramount when exploring the rocks around the bay, and caution should be exercised at all times.

Entrance to Dalu Harbor is free, giving everyone the chance to embrace the beauty of this hidden gem of Shenzhen.

Xichong – A Beach Paradise in Shenzhen

Xichong is known as the longest and most beautiful beach in Shenzhen. Located in the southernmost part of the Dapeng Peninsula, it offers a stunning coastline, blue waters, and white sandy beaches.

Camping at Xichong allows visitors to enjoy swimming, beach activities, and the breathtaking view of the ocean. With its blue waters and pleasant environment, Xichong is often referred to as the “Hawaii in Shenzhen.

Beach Activities at Xichong

  • Swimming in the crystal-clear waters
  • Building sandcastles on the soft, white sandy beaches
  • Enjoying water sports such as paddleboarding and kayaking
  • Exploring the rocky shores and collecting seashells

If you’re looking for a beach getaway without leaving Shenzhen, Xichong is the perfect destination. Its natural beauty, clear waters, and variety of beach activities make it a paradise for beach lovers.

Camping at Xichong

For those who want to extend their beach experience, camping at Xichong is a great option. There are campsites available near the beach where you can set up your tent and sleep under the stars.

The camping facilities at Xichong include:

Facilities Description
Toilets and showers Convenient facilities for your camping needs
Picnic areas with barbecue pits Enjoy a beachside barbecue with friends and family
Food stalls and restaurants Grab a bite to eat without leaving the beach
Beach equipment rental Rent beach chairs, umbrellas, and other equipment for a comfortable beach day

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing day at the beach or an adventurous camping experience, Xichong has something for everyone. Visit this beach paradise in Shenzhen and enjoy the beauty of nature and the serene ocean.

NatureLand Campsite – A Convenient Camping Option in Shenzhen

Looking for a convenient and comfortable camping experience in Shenzhen? Look no further than NatureLand Campsite. This campsite offers air-conditioned accommodation with balconies and terraces, providing a relaxing and enjoyable stay for campers.

At NatureLand Campsite, you’ll find a range of amenities to enhance your camping experience. Let your kids have a great time at the children’s playground, while you unwind in the picnic area, surrounded by the natural beauty of the garden and inner courtyard.

For your convenience, NatureLand Campsite also offers facilities like a coffee machine, free WiFi, and provided bed linen and towels. You can relax and socialize in the shared lounge or enjoy a refreshing dip in the seasonal outdoor pool. And the best part? Parking is available for free, ensuring a hassle-free stay for all guests.

Experience the convenience and comfort of NatureLand Campsite during your camping trip in Shenzhen. Book your stay now and make the most of your outdoor adventure!


Are there any fees to enter Maluan Mountain for camping?

No, entrance to Maluan Mountain is free for campers.

What can I do at Dalu Harbor while camping?

While camping at Dalu Harbor, you can enjoy the untouched beauty of nature, swim in clear waters, and even catch crabs.

Is there an entrance fee to Xichong beach for camping?

No, entrance to Xichong beach is free for campers.

What amenities are provided at NatureLand Campsite in Shenzhen?

NatureLand Campsite offers air-conditioned accommodation with balconies and terraces. It also provides amenities such as a children’s playground, picnic area, and views of the garden and inner courtyard. Guests can enjoy facilities like a coffee machine, free WiFi, and bed linen and towels. The campsite also offers an indoor play area, shared lounge, and seasonal outdoor pool. Parking is available for free.

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