#MoreThanCode – A Progressive Initiative Empowering Minority Millennials in the Tech Industry

The technological industry is an ever-evolving sector teeming with an assortment of opportunities.

However, one of the glaring issues that continue to plague this field is the underrepresentation of certain demographic groups, notably, minority millennials.

To bridge this gap, an inspiring and transformative initiative, known as the #MoreThanCode classes, is making noteworthy strides.

Spearheading Diversity and Inclusion

Hosted in the tech-savvy heart of Silicon Alley, #MoreThanCode aims to introduce minority millennials to the tech industry.

This initiative exemplifies the philosophy that technology is not merely about coding and programming. It recognizes the industry’s diverse dimensions, with equally essential elements like digital marketing and User Experience (UX) Design.

The six-week program provided by #MoreThanCode offers intensive classes specifically structured for minority millennials.

The goal is to demystify the realm of technology, rendering it accessible and engaging for this demographic group.

Participants are offered unique and immersive learning experiences that blend theoretical knowledge with practical applications, all while cultivating an environment that promotes diversity and inclusivity.

Unleashing Potential in Digital Marketing and UX Design

The primary focus of the #MoreThanCode classes is on two specific areas of the tech industry—Digital Marketing and UX Design.

These fields offer a broad range of opportunities and are integral to the current digital era, highlighting the importance of their inclusion in the program.

Digital Marketing is a dynamic area that encompasses various strategies to promote products or services through digital channels.

It is a crucial aspect of the tech world, bridging the gap between technology and consumers.

By introducing minority millennials to this field, #MoreThanCode is equipping them with a skill set that not only boosts employability but also contributes significantly to the broader tech ecosystem and product design.

On the other hand, UX Design focuses on enhancing user satisfaction by improving the usability, accessibility, and interaction provided in the interaction between the user and the product.

The inclusion of UX Design in the curriculum provides participants with the capacity to create thoughtful, user-friendly digital platforms.

It allows them to play a critical role in shaping how users interact with technology, thus making them valuable contributors to the industry.

Creating Future Tech Leaders

The #MoreThanCode classes are more than just a teaching platform—they are a stepping stone towards a more diverse and inclusive tech industry.

By investing in the potential of minority millennials, this initiative contributes to a much-needed paradigm shift.

It not only creates opportunities for underrepresented individuals but also fosters a more diverse tech talent pool, eventually leading to more innovative and inclusive solutions in the industry.



The #MoreThanCode classes are providing a crucial platform for minority millennials to explore, learn, and contribute to the tech industry.

There’s a serious diversity issue in tech and we’re here to solve it.

We believe that everyone should have the resources they need to pursue a career that they love and excel in. Our team has spent years working as tokens in the space and we wanted to give light to hidden opportunities that are lucrative, exciting, and essential to any tech or media company.

We know the only way the culture of technology will change is if minorities are represented in the workplace.

For that reason alone we are dedicated to getting as many people into the industry as possible. We’re embracing companies that want to make their teams more diverse and hope that you can be the next addition.

By focusing on digital marketing and UX Design, this initiative is redefining the perception of what it means to be a professional in the tech world. It’s a testimony to the fact that there’s #MoreThanCode in the tech industry, and with diversity and inclusion, we can continue to foster a more vibrant and equitable tech future.

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