Sally Parks (Song A) – Who Is The Young Face of North Korea on YouTube?

Sally Parks, better known as Song A, became the face of the channel as an 11-year-old girl from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK, commonly known as North Korea) who has captured the attention of the YouTube community through her channel, “송아 SongA Channel”.

Known for her videos depicting an idyllic life in Pyongyang, Song A has become a notable figure in the world of social media.

However, her online presence has also sparked discussions and concerns about the authenticity of her content and the potential for state-driven propaganda.

The Life of Song A

At the onset of the channel, Song A presents herself as a typical 11-year-old girl living in Pyongyang.

In her YouTube videos, she shares various aspects of her life such as her love for reading “Harry Potter,” visiting water parks, and enjoying dessert with her best friend​​.

Her content portrays a picture of life in Pyongyang that is idyllic and carefree, a stark contrast to the usually grim depiction of North Korea in international media.

Song A’s Family

Song A comes from North Korea’s “elite.”

Her father is Im Jun Hyok, a diplomat who worked at the North Korean embassy in London until 2016.

Only highly-trusted, high-level officials are allowed to serve abroad due to the risk that they’ll defect.

Song A herself lived in London until her family returned to North Korea when she was 7 years old.

Her grandfather, Pak Myong Guk, has a senior position in North Korea’s foreign ministry.

Her great-grandfather, Ri Ul Sol, was a military commander who guarded the Kim family.

The 송아 SongA Channel

The 송아 SongA Channel features Song A’s life in Pyongyang and provides viewers with a glimpse of daily life in the North Korean capital.

The channel has amassed a significant following, boasting more than 30,000 subscribers due to the public’s general fascination with North Korea and the world’s most reclusive regime.

The videos uploaded on the channel range from Song A’s daily activities to explorations of local attractions.

Song A’s lines appear scripted and the videos look heavily like advertisements for North Korea rather than merely a talented childhood vlogger using her own creative talents to create a personal vlog channel.

Comments are turned off on the videos.

Editor’s Note: Song A’s channel has since been terminated by YouTube for helping to spread North Korean propaganda.

Controversies and Criticisms

Despite the innocent facade, Song A’s channel has raised eyebrows among experts and viewers alike.

Critics argue that the idyllic portrayal of life in North Korea is unlikely to be much of an accurate reflection of the reality in the country, known for its strict control over information and limited freedoms.

Some experts suggest that the 송아 SongA Channel could be part of an orchestrated propaganda effort by the North Korean government, designed to present a favorable image of the country to the international community​​ and reach Western audiences.

Many YouTube channels associated with the DPKR have been banned by YouTube in the past.


The 송아 SongA Channel, managed by Sally Parks or Song A, provides a unique, if potentially distorted, lens into North Korea.

It presents an image of daily life in Pyongyang that is drastically different from commonly held views of the country.

The controversies surrounding the channel highlight the challenges of discerning reality in the digital age, particularly when dealing with countries known for stringent control over information.

As the channel continues to grow, viewers and experts alike will no doubt keep a close eye on the content that emerges.

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